Dare to be yourself, we stand by your side !

The notion of connection is at the heart of NEXUS Attoneys at law's approach: understanding a problem in a global and transversal manner allows us to better anticipate and resolve it.

NEXUS Attorneys at law offers tailor-made legal services in various fields of law and close to their clients' needs.

Due to our specialised skills and our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, we aim for practical solutions with high added value and meet a high level of requirements.

NEXUS Attorneys at law will assist and represent you everywhere in Switzerland.

NEXUS Attorneys at law's  vision 

In order to meet our clients' expectations and needs, NEXUS Attorneys at law places great importance on six key elements.

Globality and transversality

A global and transversal vision of your needs is necessary to respond to your interests in the long term. Whether through the constant search for tailor-made solutions or innovative offers, NEXUS Attorneys at law has a network of professionals who can respond to interdisciplinary situations that go beyond the strictly legal framework, while maintaining a single point of contact.


The use of new technologies is at the heart of NEXUS Attorneys at law's vision in order to offer high quality services while rationalising costs.


Collective intelligence is fundamental to achieving the best results. This not only applies to the team but also to our clients whether it be in defining objectives, in finding solutions or in pricing.

Agility and proximity

In order to offer responsive and personalised services, NEXUS Attorneys at law is close to their clients. From the beginning of the relationship, various means are offered to our client so that they may follow their cases and be directly connected to their lawyers.


We place great importance on listening to and understanding your needs. Therefore, we invite you to share your expectations with us at each important step of the mandate.


Ethics and sustainability are fundamental in our society. NEXUS Attorneys at law makes every efforts to play a role in respecting the environment. In this context, we favor electronic communication as much as possible and promote the digital management of your file to reduce the carbon footprint.

A "nexus" is a connexion between multiple elements. You are now part of it.

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