Criminal law and White Collar Crime

We defend our clients vigorously and with passion.

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We defend our clients in all criminal proceedings conducted by the cantonal or federal criminal authorities as well as before the administrative criminal authorities.

In criminal law, our philosophy is to play a proactive role in the investigation in order to gather all the elements useful to the defense and to plead the case vigorously during the trial, if necessary before the courts of appeal to ensure the fairest possible judgment.

In the field of white collar crime, we defend in particular companies, company directors and executives as well as independent contractors against any incrimination related to the management or conduct of their business.

We also advise our clients on the specific safeguards related to their activities, such as good governance and the prevention of corruption and cybercrime.

We also represent plaintiffs and assist third parties involved in the proceedings (e.g. in case of sequestration or the need to consult a criminal file).

Criminal defense

White Collar Crime

Defense of companies, executives, managers and independent contractors

Good governance, prevention of corruption and cybercrime

International mutual assistance

Representation of plaintiffs and other third parties involved