Legal assistance

NEXUS Attorneys at law will advise you in various fields of the law whether at the beginning of your projects, in the drafting of your contracts or in the search for any kind of solutions. 

In order to prevent disputes, we work with you to find the best ways to reach lasting solutions and to anticipate litigious points.


NEXUS Attorneys at law will advise and represent you in your various commercial projects.

NEXUS Attorneys at law will stand by your side whether in the negotiation and/or drafting of contracts, in the preparation of transactions (due diligence) and/or in advising you on complex situations.


NEXUS Attorneys will assist and represent you in your proceedings (whether civil, administrative or criminal) in various fileds of law.

We will also assist you in arbitration proceedings.

Mediation & negotiation

The presence of a mediator makes sense in situations where personal and/or economic issues may take precedence over emotions.

The mediator's role is to offer you a secure framework in order to help you find a solution to your specific situation.


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